Should I Get a New Heater Before Winter?

Should I Get a New Heater Before Winter?

November means we’ve entered deep into the fall, and even in a place like Texas that’s known for scorching heat, we need to have our central heating systems go to work soon. After all, the last few winters have thrown some stunning cold snaps at us. We want you and your family to have a heating system ready to handle any surprises during the coming season.

The best way you can help your heater this November so it’s prepared for the cold is to schedule heating maintenance in Farmers Branch, TX with our technicians. This is something we talked about in our previous post. But what if you discover during heating maintenance that your heater needs an expensive repair, and you don’t know if it’s worth it? Or what if our technicians tell you that your heater won’t last much longer? Should you arrange for a new heating installation in November before winter arrives?

You Can Trust Our Technicians

If you receive advice about heating replacement from our technicians during maintenance, we want to assure you that you can trust their advice is in your best interest. We’re family-owned and operated and take pride in looking after our customers. When our technicians recommend getting a heating replacement, it’s because they think it’s the best for the future comfort of your family as well as a cost-effective decision.

The Heater’s Age

We can give you several more guidelines that will help you understand when a heating system has come to the end of its useful service life. The first is the heater’s age. Here are the average service life expectancies of the most common types of heaters in our area:

  • Gas Furnaces: 15 years
  • Electric Furnaces: 20 years
  • Heat Pump/Ductless Heating systems: 10 to 15 years

If you have a heating system that is at or beyond its estimated service life, you’ve already gotten a good return on your original investment. A replacement will help you avoid a steep decline in performance that will soon set in.

The Cost to Run the Heater

Regular maintenance will help a heating system retain 95% of its original energy efficiency rating for most of its service life. When it comes to the end of its service life, efficiency will begin to drop, even with maintenance and repairs. If you have an older heater and you’re paying more to run than you have before, it’s a sign to have it replaced.

The Number and Cost of Repairs

Repairs for a heating system should be rare occurrences, not annual traditions. Or worse, biannual
traditions. This is too much to invest in a heating system that’s declining. There’s also the consideration of how much repairs cost. We don’t recommend paying for a repair that’s more than half the cost of a replacement heater.

The Heater Isn’t Doing the Job You Need From It

The biggest sign you have a heater ready for the recycling yard is when it loses its heating capacity and can no longer keep up with your comfort needs. If repairs only offer a temporary fix and maintenance no longer helps, you need a new heater.

Boone’s Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. serves the North Dallas Metroplex. Reach out to us today to arrange for heating replacement service.

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