How Your AC Calls Out for Help (Our Help!)

How Your AC Calls Out for Help (Our Help!)

One day, the technology of air conditioning systems will advance to the point where ACs will self-diagnose malfunctions, alert their owners, and even call the local professional HVAC technicians to come solve the problem. We haven’t reached this point yet, so you’ll have to play detective when it comes to noticing your AC’s signals that it needs professional repairs. Of course, you could wait until the AC breaks down entirely—but you don’t really want that. What you want is to catch AC problems early, before they leave you roasting in the summer heat.

We know air conditioners inside and out, and we’ve put together some common warning signs your AC may send that it needs our help for air conditioning repair in Plano, TX.

Electrical bills turn scary

You don’t want to have sticker shock from looking at your monthly utility bills. You have a good idea of how much you expect to pay each month, and when summer electrical costs suddenly fly through the ceiling and try to achieve orbit, something has gone wrong. Because an AC uses more electricity than most appliances in the house, high electrical costs often mean the air conditioner is in trouble.

The AC starts making loud or unusual noises

The whir and hum of air conditioning motors and fans form a part of summer life, and newer ACs run quieter than ever before. So when the sounds of your air conditioner suddenly get louder, or noises you haven’t heard before scream from the AC cabinets or through the vents, the air conditioner is literally calling for help. Some of these odd noises included mechanical shrieking and grinding, clattering and cleaning, clicking and hissing. Don’t guess at the problem—shut the AC off and call for repairs.

Acrid odors from the vents

Strange smells also warn something is wrong. When the motors in the AC start to burn out, you’ll notice an acrid odor from the vents.

Hot spots appear around the house

The center of your house has the cool temperatures you want, but some rooms feel hotter than you expect. If the problem isn’t because of direct sunlight or poor insulation, it may mean the air conditioner is starting to lose its cooling capacity and the more distant rooms on the ventilation system are receiving less cool air.

The AC stops and starts too often

Air conditioners run in cooling cycles that last for 15 minutes or more before they cycle down for a period. This allows for even cooling distribution and prevents the system from overheating. When an air conditioner runs in cycles shorter than 15 minutes and becomes locked in a rapid start-stop pattern, it is short-cycling. Many different problems can cause short-cycling, and you’ll want experts investigating ASAP, since short-cycling drains energy and puts immense strain on the HVAC system.

You can count on us when you need your AC fixed. We’re local, family-owned, on time, and always get the job done right. We back that up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee—it’s at the core of how we do business.

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