Sign Up for Our Maintenance Plan If You Didn’t Have an AC Tune-Up in Spring

Sign Up for Our Maintenance Plan If You Didn’t Have an AC Tune-Up in Spring

You need to have regular air conditioning maintenance in Dallas, TX done once a year. The summer heat puts immense pressure on an AC system to keep a house cooled down, and without the cleaning, adjustments, and inspections that come with professional maintenance, an air conditioner can give out years too early. And it will have other problems along the way.

The good news is that maintenance isn’t difficult to have done. It’s one of the basic services we offer at Boone’s Heating and Air Conditioning, and it’s one of the most important because it delivers for our customers in savings, convenience, and all-around peace of mind. All it takes is to join our Shield of Protection membership and we’ll take care of maintenance for your air conditioning system and your heating system each year.

But it’s later in the summer, isn’t it too late for AC maintenance?

No, not at all. We recommend customers schedule their air conditioning maintenance appointment in the spring so they can take the most advantage of its benefits, as well as get ahead of the arrival of the first heatwaves. But there isn’t an expiration date for maintenance as long as it’s done once a year.

Trust us, this isn’t a service you want to let slide. Maintenance is enormously beneficial if you keep current with it:

  • Fewer repairs: The majority of repairs an AC system may require during its service life are due to a lack of maintenance. When you have maintenance, you get rid of more than half the repairs you would have otherwise needed to schedule. Think of how much time and money this saves.
  • Better energy efficiency: A well-maintained AC costs less to run than one that misses maintenance appointments. Each year without maintenance can cost an AC around 5% of its efficiency. With annual maintenance, an AC may only lose 5% efficiency over its entire service life.
  • Longevity: Speaking of service life, you can get your AC to last sometimes more than 15 years before needing to replace it thanks to sticking with regular maintenance. Lack of maintenance could mean an AC that breaks down after only 5 to 8 years.
  • Warranty protection: The warranty for your air conditioner protects you in case of the system fails because of a factory fault. But the warranty may be voided if the AC doesn’t have a record of regular maintenance. You don’t want to lose this important consumer protection.

Our Maintenance Program

Ready to get started with AC maintenance? Then sign up for our Energy Savings Agreement. Along with great care for your air conditioner and heater, you’ll also enjoy special membership benefits:

  • Guaranteed appointments within 48 hours of service request
  • 2 FREE precision tune-ups (one for heater and one for A/C)
  • 20% discount on repairs
  • FREE diagnostic fee
  • $100/year Loyalty Credit towards the purchase of a new system, up to $800

We’re family-owned and operated and all of our work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Arrange for AC maintenance today with Boone’s Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. “Doing the right thing for over 50 years.”

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